Lotus Notes DXL to PDF Converter

Application to Convert Domino Extensible Language to PDF File Format

lotus dxl file to pdf converter

  • Conversion of Domino Extensible Language Messages to PDF.
  • Multiple DXL Messages Converted to PDF Retaining Data.
  • Folder Structure of Messages is Maintained After Conversion.
  • Lotus Notes Installation Not Required for Tool Execution.
  • DXL Message to PDF Converter preview DXL Messages With Meta and Attachments.
  • Conversion of Lotus DXL Rich-Text (RTF) to PDF Offered.
  • Adobe Acrobat installation is mandatory to view PDF files.

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Resourceful Features of DXL to PDF Converter

conversion dxl file to pdf

Convert DXL Message to PDF

DXL file to PDF Converter is a well-versed utility to export Lotus DXL to PDF file format which can be accessed and opened easily using Adobe Reader. Even after the conversion, meta properties will be retained and the attachments within the DXL file will remain embedded within the tool.

pdf file creation

PDF Creation for Each Message

The tool creates an individual PDF file separately for each message available in Domino Extensible Language file i.e. .dxl file which helps for better management of messages. Users can convert folder having multiple DXL files. There is no change in the formatting or metadata of messages like Cc, Bcc, attachments, etc..

Retain Meta

Retain Meta & Attachments

DXL message's technical properties like sender, receiver, subject, etc. are maintained along with the embedded attachment within the message after conversion to PDF file. Lotus DXL file to PDF execute the task effectively. No file formatting is done and maintains data integrity without damaging file texture.

preview dxl file

Preview DXL File Message

As soon as the Lotus Notes DXL files are added to the software, a complete preview of the email along with the attachments and the allied Metadata will be displayed. Software has a Windows Explorer style interface, no need to worry about the exact location of DXL messages. It allows auto searching of DXL files and saves them.

export dxl to pdf

Selective DXL Export Available

Users can add the complete folder of multiple DXL files. DXL file to PDF conversion tool allows converting all or selective DXL messages to PDF files as per user's requirement. DXL Message to PDF Converter allows you to check or uncheck desirable DXL files for change DXL file to PDF.

folder hierarchy

Folder Hierarchy Maintained

The tool provides multiple options for folder-hierarchy maintenance like; Maintain Hierarchy-keep original file format intact. Flat Hierarchy- save entire DXL messages within single folder, and Store at Source Location- save file at its source location which can be checked as per user's need.

dual view modes.png

Dual Screen View Modes

Lotus DXL to PDF conversion software also allows switching the screen view mode from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal. By default, the screen view remains Horizontal which can be changed to the Vertical view mode as per user requirement.

multiple naming.png

PDF Naming Styles

By default Subject line of the email is used for saving the DXL message as a PDF but you can change it into formats like; Subject + Date (DD-MM-YYYY), From + Subject + Date (YYYY-MM-DD) etc. Auto incremental format or with MD5 of email user can choose this format also.


Frequently Asked Questions
How to convert emails to PDF files to make them searchable?
DXL Message to PDF converter provides several naming conventions to save the converted PDF files. One can choose the naming conventions accordingly so that the emails can be searched easily.
Does this software need Lotus Notes installation?
No, DXL to PDF conversion tool is an independent tool and does not need Lotus Notes installation in the system for executing the conversion.
Number of DBX files I can convert at a time?
There is no restriction for file conversion users can convert any number of DBX files to PDF.
Can I change screen view mode?
Yes, you can change screen view mode from horizontal to vertical or vice-versa.
Does by default naming style can be modified?
Yes, you can change it into formats like; Subject + Date (DD-MM-YYYY), From + Subject + Date (YYYY-MM-DD) etc.
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