Image to PDF Converter Tool

Software To Merge Multiple Pictures into PDF Format

image to pdf converter

  • Compatible to import multiple Images into PDF file Format
  • Support to merge the picture format like .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, to PDF file
  • Provides the option to save the multiple images in single PDF or create as per picture
  • Get an Instant Preview of the Image(s)
  • No size limitation on the images for conversion
  • Not Necessary to install the Acrobat Reader for this conversion

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Features of the Image to PDF Converter Software

batch conversion

Convert Batch Images Into PDF Format

This tool is advanced approach for executing the conversion of multiple images. It migrates the pictures into any format like .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .psd, .pcx, .ico, .png and .bmp etc. as PDF file. The pictures can load in bulk. This process will execute within a minute without delaying the conversion process.

options to save images

Multiple Options To Save Images

As per requirements for image conversion to PDF format, the tool has the two options for the conversion of the pictures. One is to create multiple images to the single PDF file and another is to save the images in separate PDF file. This provides ease for better management of data of Adobe PDF Format.

retain image quality

Helps to Retain Image Quality

This software retains the image quality and graphics after the conversion process of the image to PDF format. The tool will not reduce the image resolutions, pixels etc., The Pictures are completely safe in converted Image file into PDF.

preview image before conversion

Previews Images Before Conversion

The software also allows to preview of all the images after loading into the converter tool and before the pictures to PDF conversion. This process will help to the user to know about the number of files is to be converted and kind of images etc. Also, allows the preview in advance of the respective PDF file which is going to create.

self explanatory program

Self-Explanatory Program For Easiness

Everyone already know the conversion of picture to PDF format is not an easy process. Therefore, the tool is developed to convert the photo to PDF file extension, as per the need of the user. The software is also designed for the novice user to perform conversion effectively.

save at desired location

Option To Save PDF At Desired Location

The conversion software provides a facile factor to the users for saving the resultant PDF files at their desired location. Users are independent to choose any location on the system to save the converted file through the software.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of image format does this software supports?
It supports all types of image formats likes: JPG, BMP, PNG, PSD, GIF, TIF etc.
How many images can use for the conversion into PDF?
You can use multiple images at a time for conversion.
Does this software export all the images into a single PDF file?
Yes, using this software you can either export all images into a single or you can also export PDF format of each images in a separate way.
Is there any file size limitation imposed for conversion?
No, there is no size limit imposed by the tool for picture to PDF file conversion.
I have Win 8.1; will the software be able to work on my PC?
Yes, Image to PDF Converter Supports all Windows OS versions.
I have huge numbers of JPG file, can I use this software to convert those JPG files into PDF file format?
Yes, JPG to PDF Converter Software can convert Images into PDF file format, as well as you can convert multiple image files at the same time.

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