PDF Page Numberer Software

Bates Numbering Tool to Insert Page Numbers in Multiple PDF Files

  • Insert page numbers on multiple PDF files at once
  • Generate page number based on the combination of PDF file
  • Software also removes encryption from files to add bates
  • Option to add suffix & prefix along with page number
  • Multiple formatting available to add page number into PDF
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is not necessary for this tool

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List of Key Features in PDF Page Numbering Software

add bates number

Insert Page Numbers in PDF file

PDF Page Numberer Software allows addition of page number in different styles. Also the tool can be put-in on multiple documents altogether in bulk.

3 choice to add a page number

3 Options to Add Bates Provided

Page Numbering Software allows to insert page numbering in three different ways that are: make Bates number, produce Bates number for file series, create Bates number and print PDF file.

setup of bates number

Set-up of Page Number Type

The tool allows usage of several particulars for creating the Page Number such as: suffix or prefix addition with Bates, selection of number of digit likely to be in Page number, choice of the start number to add Page number, set-up of a number to increment the Bates on each page.

advanced setting

Page Number Position Setup

With this tool location of Bates number can be set accordingly in four diverse ways such as top-left or right, or bottom-left or right.

Note - Three other functionalities can also be availed such as preserving the same Bates number on each file, stamping current date on the top right hand side of the file and adding continuous series of number on all PDF files.
add text insertion

Additional Text Insertion & Its Spot Tuning

Addition of additional text info and regulation of its position on to the top-left, bottom-left, top-right, or bottom-right of the pages in PDF files is feasible with the Bates numbering tool.

formating pdf bates

Formatting PDF Files Bates Number

Desirable setup of font size and font color is possible; and even bates number on PDF files can be highlighted to make them more prominent on the pages with the Bates numbering software.

multiple naming

Dual File Naming Convention

The Page numbering software provides two naming choices to save PDF files. One allows to continue with the original file name and with the other file can be saved with the first Bates number that was selected while set-up of Bates number.

free download of numbering

Free Download PDF Page Numbering Software

Bates number to PDF file can be added for free with the download of the trail version of bates numbering software. With this users can stamp all PDFs but with the watermark of Company's name.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a Page Number on Multiple PDF Files in one click?
Yes, you can add page number on multiple PDF files. For this add multiple files or folder in the software and add bates numbering on them accordingly.
Is it possible to add a page number in encrypted PDF Files?
Yes, the software also offers encryption removal feature for PDF files before adding page number in them.
Is Adobe Acrobat installation necessary for using the tool?
No the software is standalone and capably adds page number to PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat installation.
Does the tool support PDF documents with password protection?
Yes, software supports password protected files, but before generating page numbers, it will ask you to provide the password for respective document. If you don't know the document password then you won’t be able to add a page numbers in it.
Can I use this software on MAC OS?
No, this software is made for Windows OS only; and will not work on a MAC OS Machine.

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