PDF Watermark Creator Software

Tool to Insert Watermark In Adobe PDF files as Text or Image Format In Batch

pdf watermark creator

  • Add watermark to Multiple PDF files at once
  • Multiple options to Add Text or Image as Watermark
  • Formatting of text is allowed to managing PDF
  • PDF Watermark Generator supports all image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, and JPEG
  • All versions of Adobe Acrobat including 11.0 are supported
  • Insert watermark in PDF documents as your Copyrights

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Features of PDF Watermark Software Reflecting Its Worth

watermark unlimited

Add Watermark on Unlimited PDF files

PDF Watermark Creator tool is an advanced utility to use to insert watermark in PDF documents as image, text, logo or any other object to its format. Additionally, this software support to put the watermark over PDF and also helps to adjust the format of respective watermark according to the need of users. Users load the PDF folder containing multiple files to the software to add watermark on those PDF files

watermark format

Free To Choose Watermark Format

PDF Watermark Creator Tool is to add watermark to PDF files provides an easy option for users to choose what kind of watermark they want to set over the documents. It can be text or images per the requirement of the user. The process of watermarking is an easy process so that even a non-technical user can perform it effortlessly. This tool supports all Windows OS versions like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

formatting of watermark

Formatting Of Watermark Offered

Users while applying watermark on PDF files by PDF Document Watermark, can set any text to keep it as watermark and choose the position of the watermark on PDF documents effectively. All the positions of text, i.e. left, right, bottom, horizontal and vertical can be set according to the requirement of users. This is the way to add watermark over PDF file effectively.

font and color setting

Font Size And Color Settings

Another great feature provided by PDF Watermark Generator is to set the font size and color of watermark according to the users choice. This tool helps to increase or decrease the font size as per requirement and put color animations so that suits the terms of user’s demands. Transparency settings of text can also be altered according to personal requirements.

set image position

Set Image Position To Fit

The scaling option embedded within PDF Watermark Creator to insert watermark in PDF format. It is the most promising feature allowing users to choose the image position from options like the top left, top middle, top right, middle left, center, middle right, bottom left and bottom right. A preview of all positions can also be taken form software wizard to set watermark more effectively.

complete status report

Progress Report Details For Assistance

Once the process is accomplished to apply watermark to multiple PDF files, the tool to add watermark to Adobe PDF reader and it will generate a progress report stating details of PDF files selected for watermark, a number of PDF files, colour, transparency, Watermark position, font size, and colour of font, text or image which is added as watermark to users. It helps in taking a ruff report of PDF Watermark Creator process in brief.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Text and Images Watermark by PDF Document Watermark?
Yes, you can add watermark as text or images by this PDF Watermark Generator software.
Does this tool give the option to customize text color, size, and placement?
Yes, PDF Watermark Generator provides you with options to customize the text formatting.
What type of Images does PDF Document Watermark support for watermarking?
PDF Document Watermark Software supports approximately all types of image formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.
Is it easy to add image watermark to PDF file?
Yes, you can create watermark in adobe PDF reader according to yourself as an image or text to PDF document.
Can I add watermark image logo on multiple files at once?
Yes, PDF Watermark Generator supports to add watermark to PDF files in batch at one at the time.

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