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Learn How to Add Bates Stamp to Adobe PDF – Some Proven Methods

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User Query: I work in a reputed business organization. In our work, we always have to be very careful about legal compliance. A few days ago, I got assigned to make some PDF files and add Bates stamp to adobe PDF files. Though I have created the PDF files with the necessary information, Bates stamping is stopping me from submitting the files. I have never worked on Bates stamping and do not how to do it. Can anyone tell me how to add Bates stamp to PDF file? Any method will be highly appreciated.”

PDF files have earned our trust due to their security measures and many other features. Thus, it has also become the most dependable and trustworthy file format for legal documentation. However, PDFs that are supposed to be used for legal purposes require Bates stamping in them. If you don’t know how to apply bates stamping in adobe PDF for multiple files,  you will not be able to make any legally admissible PDF files. Since the method of adding Bates stamping is yet to become commonplace, this post will address this. Read on to know how to add bates numbering in Adobe PDF.

Reasons to Add Sequential Numbers to PDF

Bates stamping is a technique used to index PDF files so that the documents can be effortlessly identified and retrieved. Keeping it in an organized way and easy accessibility is also one of the key factors in adding page number to PDF.  Usually, it is mostly used in legal, medical and business sectors. Now, multiple Bates stamping sequences can be used in a single document (in multiple documents as well.) The latest technology of it allows adding zero before the digit and sequentially numbering across multiple PDF files. It may also include text in necessary cases. For all these facilities, this technology is being adopted by more and more people.

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Different Techniques to Add Bates Stamp to Adobe PDF Files

In order to add bates stamping in adobe PDF, various methods can be implemented. Now we will check out two methods:

Method 1: Use One-Stop Solution to Add Bates Stams to Adobe PDF

When it comes to adding bates stamps to Adobe PDF file, PDF Bates Numbering Tool is the most trusted solution. This software lets users apply stamp to multiple PDF files of their choice through some simple steps. with the help of this application, users can determine the position of the Bates number on the page as well as the font colour and size of it. After adding the Bates stamp, users can also print the PDF files. The option to add prefixes and suffixes in the Bates stamp is also present in this tool. Moreover, this Page numbering tool can also add bates numbering in adobe PDF which is password protected. Also other than Windows OS this tool is compatible with Mac OS.

Tool Steps Explained in Detailed for  Bates stamping in Adobe PDF Files.

1. Firstly, download the tool and install it on the local system to add bates stamping in Adobe PDF.

Add Bates Stamp to Adobe PDF

2. Add normal/secured PDF files for bates numbering in Adobe PDF by clicking on Add file(s)/Folder(s).

add pdf files to bates stamping

3. Set the Destination Path and choose the option between Save and Print.

set the saving path and select the option

4. In the Detail tab, enter bates numbering details and in the Settings tab apply all the needful page settings.

Add Bates Stamp to Adobe PDF

5. Finally, Preview the changes and Press Generate button to start the process to add bates stamp to Adobe PDF.

Add Bates Stamp to Adobe PDF

Method 2: Add Bates Stamp to Adobe PDF with Manual Method

Follow the instructional guide to add sequential numbers to PDF documents manually:

  • Users need to Adobe Acrobat Pro by which they have to open the file that requires processing.
  • Navigate to the Menu bar Adobe Acrobat and select Tools. Choose Pages to open pages sub-menu. From there, choose Header & Footer>> Add Header and Footer.
  • Select any font from “Font Name” drop-down menu as per your choice.
  • Then, choose Bates numbering font size from “Font Size” drop-down list.
  • In “header and footer text box”, click on the corresponding position where you wish to include Bates stamping/ number.
  • Click on “Insert Page Number” button to start inserting the stamps into the PDF document.
  • The preview of Bates numbers formatting will be displayed to you. If there are no changes to make, click OK to bates numbering in Adobe PDF.

Why Choose the Tool Over the Manual Method?

In case you are confused about which technique to choose, here is the comparison between the two methods we have already mentioned in the blog.

  • Length of Procedure: When it comes to the time taken by these methods, the software is the winner. The manual method takes much longer than the automated tool.
  • Encrypted PDF File: The manual method is not able to add bates stamp to PDF which is encrypted or password-protected. On the other hand, the software can also process encrypted PDFs.
  • Compulsory Adobe Installation: Adobe Acrobat installation is a must for the manual process. But the application is a standalone tool that does not need Adobe.

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Without adding sequential numbers to PDF reports it does not have credibility in a court of law. Therefore, adding Bates stamping is an essential stage of PDF file management, especially for legal purposes. Here, we have described two different solutions to add bates stamp to Adobe PDF documents. Though users are free to choose any of the options mentioned above, the software does the work more efficiently. .