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Insert Page Numbers and Text in Multiple PDF Documents at Once

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  • Add bates number in Adobe PDF file’s Header & Footer
  • Create Page number based on the combination of PDF files
  • Insert bates number on encrypted PDF & remove PDF encryption
  • Advance Option to add prefix & suffix along with the page numbers
    With PDF Page Numberer tool users can also add prefix and suffix with page numbers. This feature can be used in various senarios like: dividing of PDF file in different sections like A1, B1, C1, etc. In such cases this feature is very helpful.
  • Multiple ways to insert bates in PDF Documents
    PDF Bates Numberer provides various positions such as Botton Right, Bottom Left, Top Right, Top Left, etc. to appear the page number.
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat is not mandatory to insert PDF page number

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Key Features of PDF Page Numberer tool

insert bates numbers in pdf

Insert Page Numbers in PDF file

PDF Bates Numberer allows to insert bates numbers in PDF files with different styles. The tool can also add bates numbering into multiple PDF files in bulk. Software gives an option to add PDF files or folder having multiple PDF files. Also, "Move UP" & "Move Down" option allows you to arrange the order of PDF file.

3 choice to add bates numbers

3 Options to Add Bates in PDF file

PDF Bates Numbering Tool allows to add page number to PDF documents in three different manner these are:

  • Add stamp number
  • Insert page number for file series
  • Generate page number on PDF file via printer.
add stamp via pdf page numberer tool

AddSet Bates Number Type

The Bates Numbering Tool allows usage of several particulars for inserting bates in PDF such as: Suffix or prefix addition with Bates number, select number of digit likely to be in Bates number, choice of the start number to add stamp, set-up of a number to increment the stamp on each page.

Add page number to PDF in desirable formats

Modify PDF Stamps Numberer

PDF Page Numbering Software offers to add your desirable font size, colour and format; and even bates number on PDF files can be highlighted to make them more prominent on the page.With this tool, location of page number can be set accordingly in four diverse ways such as top-left or right, or bottom-left or right.

Insert Text to PDF file

Add Text Insertion & Spot Tuning

The Addition of auxiliary text info and regulation of its position on to the top-left, bottom-left, top-right, or bottom-right of the page in PDF files is feasible with the PDF Bates numbering tool. Also Maintain the same Bates number on each PDF fileStamp current date on the Top right side of PDF. Add continuous series of bates number in all PDF files.

2 options to Save File

Dual File Naming Convention

PDF Page Numberer software provides two naming choices to save PDF files these are :

  • One allows to continue with the original file name.
  • Second is file can be saved with the first Bates number that was selected while set-up of page number.
advanced setting to insert bates numbers in pdf

Generate Summary & Report

As you move forward to generate Bates number on PDF file(s), PDF Page Numberer will show you a small summary of the same. A complete report of all the preferences and options you have selected will be there, like: color, font size, Bates number position, etc. It also shows a status report of the selected PDF file with preview of listed PDF files. Also, once it gets completed, you can generate the PDF files.

free download of pdf page numberer

Free Download Demo Version

Page number to PDF file can be added for free with the download of the trial version of bates numbering software. With this users can stamp all PDFs but with the watermark of Company's name.

Note -Three other functionalities can also be availed by the PDF Bates Numberer such as preserving the same Bates number on each file, stamping current date on the top right hand side of the file and adding continuous series of number on all PDF files.


Frequently Asked Questions
How can I insert bates number in PDF files by this tool?

Use below steps to add page number to PDF files:

  • Download & Install PDF Bates Numberer Tool
  • Add PDF Files/Folder to add page numbers
  • Fill Appropriate Bates Numbers Details
  • Summary report is shown to the user
  • Click 'Generate' to add bates number in PDF documents
Can I insert bates on Multiple PDF Files in one click?
Yes, you can insert page number on multiple PDF files at once by this bates numbering tool. For this you have to add multiple files or folder in the software and add bates numbering on them accordingly.
Is Adobe Acrobat installation necessary for using the PDF Page Numberer tool?
No, PDF Bates Numbering tool is standalone and capably add page numbers in PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat installation.
Does PDF Bates Numberer software supports PDF documents with password protection?
Yes , the software is able to insert prefix and suffix in PDF documents
Does the Page Numbering tool supports PDF documents with password protection?
Yes, PDF Page Numberer software supports password protected pdf files, but before generating page numbers, it will ask you to provide the password for respective document. If you don't know the document password then you won’t be able to add the page numbers in it.
Can I use this PDF Bates software on MAC OS?
No, PDF Page Numberer is made for Windows Operating System only; and will not work on a MAC OS Machine.
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