PDF Split and Merge Software

Tool to Split PDF Into Multiple Files & Merge Several PDF Files Into One

  • Provides the feature to merge multiple PDF files into a single file
  • Support to split PDF into multiple files without any formatting issues
  • Facility to split a merged PDF document into multiple files
  • Provides the option to merge PDF by range without any data loss
  • Split PDF by Page Number, Page Range, Each Page, Even / Odd Pages
  • PDF Merger and Splitter gives Add File(s) / Add Folder option to insert multiple PDFs
  • Compatible with all the versions of Adobe Acrobat; up to 11.0
  • Provides option to skip attachments from Output PDF documents
  • Facility to Split or combine know password-protected PDF files

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Features of PDF Splitter and Merger Software

pdf split and merge

Seperate or Merge PDF Files

PDF split and Merge software is particularly developed for proper management of Adobe’s PDF file. The utility can split large PDF file into multiple PDF as per requirement. Also, the tool can combine several pdfs into one without any hassle.

option to split pdf file

Distinct PDF Split Options

PDF Splitter and Merger Tool allows to combine multiple PDF files as well as split large PDF files. It provides six different ways to split the large sized PDF files. It includes split by page number, size, each page, page range, even pages, and odd pages.

split PDF file by pages

Split PDF by Size / Each Page

The PDF split & merge tool allows to split PDF documents according to size. Users can define the particular size in MB (minimum 1 MB to maximum 2 GB) to split adobe PDF files accordingly. With Split by Each Page feature, the tool creates multiple PDF files containing a single page. In the destination location single folder is created containing multiple PDF documents containing each page.

split adobe pdf files

Split PDF by Range / Page Number

User can split PDF documents according to range. They need to specify the particular range and then software will create a PDF document containing the pages of taht particular range. Also, the PDF Splitter and Merger tool allows to split PDF by page number. With this option the tool will create PDF of that page number.

split PDF file by even

Split PDF by Even/Odd Pages

Seperate PDF file via even/out count of the PDF pages according to as per user choice. PDF Split and Merge software will maintain the PDF documents content and texture while splitting without any alterations and stores new file at target location.

pdf splitter

Compatible With Windows OS

PDF Merger and Splitter Tool is compatible with Windows Operating 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2 and 2016. Moreover, it support all versions of Adobe PDF files. Users don't have to worry about the formatting becuase there is no file formatting done by the software.

merge pdf file by pdf split and merge tool

Merge Multiple PDF Files

With PDF Merger Software merge multiple pdf files in one. The tool gives the facility to insert multiple PDF files for the merging process. It gives the option to split the merged PDF document by size in MB. All the merged PDF files are splitted according to specified size. Moreover, users can save the merged PDF in new PDF or in exisiting PDF document.

combine pdf files by range

Merge PDF According to Page Range

The PDF Merger tool allow users to “Merge PDF by Page Range”. With this option combine PDF files of a particular range separated by a comma. For example: If the user enters 1-2, 3-4 then in such case the tool will create a single PDF containing 1 & 2 pages of 1st PDF and 3 & 4 pages of 2nd PDF.

skip attachment

Skip Attachments from Resultant PDF

The PDF Splitter and Merger tool provides the option i.e. “Skip Attachment” to skip all the attachments from the output PDF document. It can be any PDF, spreadsheet, or any attachment the tool will skip if this option is enabled.

secured files

Combine or Split Password Protected PDF

The PDF split and merge tool gives the feature to split or merge PDF documents that are user-level password locked. But, to process these secured files the password must be known to the user.

PDF Splitter and Merger Tool Screenshots
Frequently Asked Questions about PDF Split and Merge Tool
What are the steps to split PDF documents?

Follow these simple steps to split PDF into multiple files:

1- Launch and run PDF Splitter software

2- Click on Add Files or Add Folder option to add PDFs

3- Select the PDF Split option

4- Click on the “Split” button to start the process

5- Process completion will be displayed

How to merge multiple PDF into a single file?

To combine several PDF documents into one follow these steps:

1- Run the tool on Windows OS

2- Click on Add files / Add Folder option to insert PDFs

3- Choose the desired PDF Merge option

4- Click on “Merge” button to begin the process

5- Finally process completion pop-message will be displayed

Can I Split or Merge multiple PDF files in one go?
Yes, PDF Splitter and Merger Tool allows the users to Split & Merge PDF files in batch.
Can I split only selective range of PDF pages?
Yes, PDF Split and Merge Software provides you an option i.e. "Split PDF by Range". You just have to enter the particular range and then software will split specific range of pages in new PDF.
Is it possibile to split the merged PDF document?
of Course,our PDF Splitter and Merger Software gives an option i.e. "Split Merged PDF by Size". With this, you just have to enter the specific size. After that the software will craete PDF file of that particular size.
What is the importance of pdf splitter and merger software ?
It will help you to minimize the huge size of PDF file by splitting in to the sections. It also offers you to merge PDF files into one and consume less time.
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