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Use simplest way to erase watermark from adobe pdf files

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  • PDF Watermark Eraser allows watermark removal from multiple files
  • Remove Embedded Signature, Logo, Stamp, Watermark
  • Remove Watermark only from Adobe Acrobat & Aspose PDF files
  • Directly Print PDFs after erasing watermark from them
  • Restricted PDF files can be processed without Owner password
  • No changes to the data are made during watermark removal
    The tool does not make changes in the file formatting. Moreover, there is no chance of data loss during the process.
  • Software supports all versions of Windows Operating Systems
    The software supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

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Features of PDF Watermark Eraser Software

remove watermark from PDF in bulk

Watermark Removal in Bulk

The PDF Watermark Remover software has the ability to easily erase watermark from PDF. Multiple Adobe Acrobat & Aspose PDF files can be processed at once i.e. in batch.  With the Add folder option of this tool, you can directly print or save multiple PDF files at a common location. Also, you can remove unwanted PDF files using the option to remove PDF files from the list.

complete status report

Previews PDF Page

The PDF Watermark Eraser Software shows the preview of the PDF document page before its execution. In this way, users can easily see how their PDF page is going to look after erasing watermarks from them. It is really an advanced feature. Users can look for any text or format or layout distortion though the software never creates such situations.

data integrity

Preserves Data Integrity

While removing watermark from PDF files, Watermark Remover Software maintains the originality of PDF files. There will be no changes made to the PDF file data, it's formatting or the restriction that are present in the PDF file. The software will only remove watermarks from selected PDF's without making any changes to its original data.

version of pdf acrobat

Backs Adobe Acrobat & Aspose PDF

PDF documents created by Adobe Acrobat Reader & Aspose only, are supported by the PDF Watermark Eraser Software and not others. What happens usually, if you process PDF files NOT created by Adobe Acrobat or Aspose, the signature of the PDF file can be changed. Hence, users must avoid adding PDFs created by other softwares.  

removes image watermark

Removes Image Watermark Also

Watermarks in the form of text are removed by the PDF Watermark Remover and also watermark in the form of embedded images like a logo, stamp, signature, etc., on files can also be removed. This tool is highly efficient and easy to use. Users can easily save file at any desired location.

support all windows versions

Supported on All Windows Releases

Being a Windows based solution it supports to run on all Windows versions up to 10. And allows users to perform an easy and convenient software download. Along with this, the PDF Watermark Remover application is capable of running smoothly with any version of Adobe Acrobat as it supports all its editions.

support all adobe acrobat version

Supports All Versions of Adobe PDF

PDF files created by Adobe Acrobat Reader release 9.0 and even its lower version are supported by the PDF watermark eraser tool to remove watermarks. This tool is highly efficient to erase watermarks and easy to use even non-technical users can use it easily.

adobe reader is must

Process Restricted PDFs

The USP of this software is that it has the ability to erase watermark from restricted PDF files without needing any permission password. But remember, the PDF files having the Document Open password can not be processed without providing the password.

PDF Watermark Eraser Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the process to erase watermark from PDF files by this software?

Use following steps to perform the process

  • Install and Run the software
  • Add PDF Files from which you want to erase watermark
  • If the PDF has user-password, kindly enter it
  • Hit 'Remove' button to begin the process
Can I remove watermark from multiple PDFs files at a time?
Yes, PDF Wtermark Eraser supports removing watermark from multiple files in batch.
Can the PDF Watermark Remover eliminates logo, stamp, and signature watermark from PDF?
Yes, this software removes all types of watermark from PDF files.
Can I use PDF Watermark Eraser on my Windows OS version XP?
Yes, you can easily use this on Windows OS version XP & this tool also supports all Window versions up to 10.
Is my data secure or there is a chance of any data loss while using this software?
Yes, PDF Watermark Eraser is made of high technique algorithms. It will just remove watermark from PDF file(s) and not lead to any data loss.
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