How to Crack PDF Document Password With Maintaining File Integrity

Steven Hodgin | October 31st, 2014 | PDF, Tips

“My work demands a lot of editing and content management. For this, I have to go through various PDF files available. But I am facing trouble as it restricts me to copy some of the PDF files due to owner restrictions on them. It is impossible to write the whole content on my own. Although I used  Adobe Acrobat to remove restrictions but it needs password (owner level) to delete restrictions. So can anyone suggest a reliable tool to crack PDF document password. Please help!”

If you are reading this, you too might be suffering from a similar problem. The need can be how to remove PDF document security or can be of unlocking a very important and confidential PDF file. This blog will surely sort out many of your quests such as explaining the reasons and solutions for such restrictions.

PDF file format is used worldwide for storing and interchanging important and crucial data. Nowadays, bank statements, official work files, salary slips, and many other important data files are maintained as PDF files. The most important reason behind it is the security provided to this file format. PDFs are considered as the most secured file format and this is because of the application of the passwords to the file. But in some situations demand to remove security from the PDF file to perform some actions to the file.

How to Crack PDF Document Password

Before to bypass a password from a PDF file, you must know the passwords are used to secure a PDF file.

So Let’s focus on how an application with dual password on PDF Makes It Secure!

PDF has a provision of two types of passwords that must be known to unlock PDF password protected file;
User Password: Used to restrict any third person from opening the file without permission. It is also known as Document Open Password.
Owner Password: Used to restricts some actions on PDF files like Copy, Edit, Print, etc. It is also known as the Permissions Password.

Now the question is how to unsecure a secured PDF files? Well, user password cannot be removed at all without knowing the password. But there is one way to remove both User and Owner Password using an online available tool PDF Unlocker. This tool is also able to remove security from PDF on Mac machine easily.

How to Crack PDF Document Security Password – An Expert Solution

PDF unlocking software is capable to remove both passwords and allow you to perform the restricted actions on it. But for this User Password must be known to the user. Once the file is processed by the tool you are capable of Print, Copy, Extract, etc. removing all the restrictions on the PDF file. This software is available online and hence is easy to reach.

Key Features:

• Unlocking PDF files from both Owner & User Level Password Security
• Eliminate all type of restrictions: Printing/Editing/Copying/Signing
• Easily remove Commenting and Document Assembly Restriction
• Doesn’t require installation of Adobe Acrobat to remove the securities
• Compatible with all Windows versions and supports (32 or 64) bit OS

Let’s know how the tool able to bypass a  owner level restrictions and remove a user level password from a PDF file!

How to Crack PDF Permissions Password

To bypass the user level password, you have to download and install the tool in your system. Follow the below steps to know the full process.

Step 1: Click on the Unlock button

Step 2: Then, click on Browse and  select the PDF file

Step 3: Generate a preview about the Permission Status of current loaded PDF

Step 4: Click Browse to select a destination location

Step 5: Next, click Unlock PDF to crack PDF document password

Note: As soon as the PDF file is unlocked successfully, this tool previews the comparison of the file restriction before and after unlocking the PDF document

How to Remove Known PDF Document Open Password

To delete the user level password, you have to download and install the tool in your system. Follow the below steps to know the full process.

Step 1: Click on the Unlock button
Step 2: Next, click on the Browse to select a PDF file from your local system
Step 3: The tool will preview the Permission Status of the current document
Step 4: Then, click on Browse to select the destination location to store the resultant PDF file
Step 5: Click on the Unlock PDF button to crack PDF file

Note: After that, a POP-UP window will display to Enter the Password as the file is password protected.

Step 6: As soon as the file is Unlocked, a pop up box will prompt to click on OK to proceed further

Note: After the successful completion of the unlocking process, this tool draws the comparison of the file restriction before and after unlocking the PDF document.


In this article, we have discussed the most frequently asked query “how to crack PDF document password ?” easily. By using the above explained tool, you can easily remove the password security from a PDF file without losing its integrity. By succeeding above elaborated steps you are not only able to view the file but also can perform some certain tasks such as printing/editing/copying/etc in less time.