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Explore Two Different Methods to Recover Damaged PDF File

Steven Hodgin ~ Published: October 18th, 2022 ~ PDF ~ 4 Minutes Reading

When it comes to access of share files containing data, the most preferred file format is PDF. It is widely used, and highly compatible with other applications and OS. With that, the PDF files can be secured with high-level encryption. With these facilities, it has become an important document format. In this digital era, most of the firms reply in PDF format and they store, access, and share data using PDF. But one more thing we should know is that these PDFs are prone to data corruption, which can affect the crucial data stored. This is why oftentimes; people get in a situation where they are unable to access the corrupted PDF files and now, they want to recover damaged PDF file.

You might have experienced these kinds of errors “an error occurred while opening this document” or “Cannot open the PDF. These errors indicate that the files are in a corrupt state and require to restore corrupted PDF files.

So, in this post, we are going to explain some simple techniques to fix all your PDF files and make them accessible without causing any issues. But initially, it is important to know why a PDF file gets damaged.

Reasons for PDF Files Getting Corrupted?

If your file somehow went in a damaged state, then there could be multiple factors. We have listed some of the reasons why it happens:

  • If a machine is infected with viruses and malware, it can damage PDF files also.
  • Suddenly switching off the system when the PDF files are in accessing mode.
  • Under the condition of Improper Internet connection, sudden termination of application during the download process and Hard drive failures.
  • Trying to access the PDF files in an application which is not supported.

So, these could be some of the reasons why the PDF file got corrupted and requires to restore corrupted PDF files. So now, let’s move to explore the methods that can be used to recover PDF files easily without losing any data.

What Could be the Manual Solution To Recover Damaged PDF File

Well, unfortunately, when your PDF File is damaged and cannot be repaired then there is nothing a user can do if the PDF file gets corrupted, one possible solution you can try to repair your file by using the online Free tools which help in recovering PDF files. However, the chances of PDF files getting repaired are less. In the process of repairing, the user might lose all his data. So, in this case, it’s better not to use the online free tools and should consider a trusted software that is specially made to solve this issue and fix a corrupted pdf file. We have discussed the software which has the capability to restore corrupted PDF files.

An Advanced Solution to Recover Damaged PDF File By Putting Less Effort

For permanent recovery of the damaged PDF files, we recommend users to look for trusted and reliable software which can quickly repair the PDF files easily. So here, the users can use PDFWare’s PDF File Recovery Software. By using the Advanced Scan option to scan through the corrupted files and recover both images and text data. Also, it allows saving the selected or all the PDF files. It supports all versions of Windows OS and Mac OS X. Using this tool users can easily restore corrupted PDFs and can access them. Apart from this, the tool can recover data from multiple PD files which are corrupted. Users can use the Trial Version to explore the tool’s working and functionality.

Guided Steps for Repairing PDF Files Which Are in the Corrupt Stage

  • To use this tool to recover damaged PDF files, you have to download the utility and install it on the local system. Then using the Load PDF, insert the PDF files which are in a corrupt state.

recover damaged pdf file

  • Then, after loading the damaged PDF files, it will display the content.

displaying recovered data

  • Finally, you will need to set the location to save the recovered files.

recover damaged pdf file

This is how a user can fix a corrupted PDF file. Now you will be able to open and view the recovered data in your PDF files.

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We all know how PDF format become an integral part of organizations and a user. Every user prefers saving their data on PDF documents. However, at times PDFs also gets corrupted and hence it requires to recover damaged pdf file. So, in this article we have explained some reasons for file corruption and also discussed the methods to fix a corrupted pdf file.