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Remove PDF File Password Protection – Easy Solutions

Steven Hodgin ~ Modified: September 22nd, 2022 ~ PDF ~ 6 Minutes Reading

One o the most used Document based applications PDF file format has two types of protection layers; Owner Level Password and User Level Password. The user password is applied to the file and is managed by the user itself. It is plainly applied for viewing the PDF file. However, the owner password is applied to restrict some other actions to be performed on the PDF file. These actions include; Print/Edit/Copy/etc. options that are completely restricted when applying an owner password on the PDF file. In those cases, it has been found that users need to remove PDF file password protection so as to perform these actions on it.

For e.g. some urgent content is required by the user which is downloaded from the internet in PDF format but owner’s password protection restricts him from extracting essential data. In such a situation it is important to remove security from PDF so that the content can be extractable.

let’s start with how the different methods are used to unlock PDF without password!!!

#Method 1: Remove Password Protection from PDF Using Gmail

Gmail application has a function well known as HTML View. This viewing option can be utilized as a way to open PDF files dissolving its restrictions. To do this you have to send the PDF file to Gmail account Inbox and open it in HTML format. Once the PDF file is opened in HTML format, its data can be copied, edited or extracted anytime. This workaround is best suited to crack PDF password if you just need raw data content from the PDF file.

However, the “Print as PDF” option will not be available with this method. This method also will not work for large PDF files as Gmail has some size limitations with files.

#Method 2:  Unlock PDF Without Password Online

Another way to remove security from PDF and extract this data is by using online available solutions that are capable to remove or unlock such restrictions. There are many such solutions available on the internet which allow users to load the data and it instantly unlocks. With the help of this users can remove password protection from PDF and edit, take print of copy text.

However, the online tools are not trustworthy when it comes to working with sensitive data, any mishappening of the data can occur. Sometimes the online tools don’t work properly, and internet connectivity is required during the entire unlocking process. Moreover, it can no deal with large PDF files as it takes time to upload large files.

Steps to Remove PDF File Password Protection Using SmallPDF

Below we have mentioned the process to remove security from PDF file.

  • Open the internet browser and go to the web link of the Smallpdf tool
  • Here select the Unlock PDF option which is available as of the last option.
  • Soon window like the one below will open where you can either drag and drop the PDF files or click on Choose File.
  • When you click on the Choose file option, it links to the system location where you can browse for the PDF file which is supposed to be unlocked.
  • One file at a time can be unlocked and if a user password is applied to that PDF document, it must be known to you.
  • Once the file is added, it is processed by the online application and password protection is removed from an Adobe PDF file. The output is then made available for download which can be clicked and the PDF files which are unlocked can be downloaded.

The process is very simple but it is completely dependent on the internet connection. This means that whenever you will need to unlock a PDF file, you will have to use the internet, visit a site, upload PDF files and then and only then you will be able to unlock files. Another thing is you cannot take the risk with very confidential PDF files like Bank Statements, Private Details, Official Papers, etc. as files are going to be loaded online which have certain risk factors.

#Method 3: Reliable Tool to Remove PDF File Password Protection


In case you have a huge PDF file and need software that can be used further without an internet connection. Even, if you have very confidential PDF files and don’t want to load them on the internet then you must go for downloadable PDF unlocking programs which helps to remove password protection from PDF. Such software programs are also available online and can be downloaded and used for unlocking numerous PDF files. For instance, PDF Unlocker can opt for such need which is available and remove security from PDF without any size limitations. Such software tools are more trustworthy and are capable to unlock multiple PDF files. With the help of this tool, you can also remove security from PDF on Mac machine.

Note: But, if PDF file is applied with a User password, it must be known to you or else no tool will be able to help you crack pdf password.

Now let’s focus on how the tool works and how it can heps!!!

Steps to Remove PDF File Password Protection

To unlock a PDF file from various securities, you have to download and install the software in your system. Follow the below guidelines to know the working process of the tool;

1: Initially, the user will have to download the tool and then run it on the system.

remove pdf file password protection
2: Select the locked PDF file by pressing the Add files/Add Folder option.

remove pdf file password protection
3: Preview the Permission Status of the current PDF file, add the password if needed(Document open password).

preview password status
4: Next, click on the Change button to browse and to select a destination location, also choose to save or print the secured PDF files.

set the location to save PDF files

Note: If the destination location doesn’t exist, then choose the Make New Folder box alternatively.

5: Click on Unlock PDF to remove password protection from PDF file.

remove pdf file password protection

Note: After this step, if the file is encrypted with a password a pop up box will prompt to Enter the password.

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In this post, we covered different methods for unlocking the owner password restrictions of PDF files. Every method has its own advantages and pitfalls which are mentioned along with it. Here, we have explained both methods to remove security from PDF. It is recommended to go through all the methods manual and automated. Then choose the most suitable one as per your demand and requirements to remove PDF file password protection.