Tool To Repair Corrupted Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

Steven Hodgin | August 28th, 2014 | PDF

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular document file formats currently available.

It is an open source file format & allows users to store images, text, graphics, tables, etc. It provides some advanced features that make it a professional choice for business purposes. This file format is mostly used by business and legal users.  Due to adding lots of data in PDF file, sometimes it gets corrupted. However, a large file size may not be the only reason of its corruption.

Corrupted PDF files are pretty troublesome to handle. Most users working with PDFs at some point are looking for a tool that resolved all PDF corruption issues by repairing the document in an effortless manner. It is not always possible to use an online solution to repair a corrupted PDF file and access it. Therefore, some PDF experts suggest keeping a backup copy of each and every PDF document to tackle such situations. But it might be possible that your backup PDF file also goes out of reach due to data sabotage or virus attack. In these circumstances, you’ll need to ask the sender to resend the document, after receiving the second document you can analyze whether the first document is corrupt or in good state. Below are some reasons which introduce you to the several causes of PDF corruption:

The Main Causes

  • Power sabotage, high voltage, system overload.
  • PDF File is not completely downloaded
  • The PDF file is not compatible with the software you are accessing it on
  • A corrupted tool is used by the person corrupts the PDF too

The PDF Reader or the application always indicates some faults in a PDF document or send error messages related to the corruption as follows:

  • Damaged PDF file or Corrupt File
  • Error in opening document.
  • Missing Root object.
  • Error processing this page.
  • The file contains invalid coding.

So through this blog, I am going to tell you about some stuff that helps to solve such issues related to PDF corruption. In short, I am providing you with some tips to recover and repair PDF file.

There are a lot of reasons that a PDF file gets corrupted. So, PDFWARE PDF Recovery Tool comes with many features that easily offers all PDF recovery and repair solutions. Thus, a corrupt PDF file is mounted so you can easily read it in any PDF reader. There are a huge number of cases in which the PDF file is corrupted on the far side of the repair. If you’ve got one such file which is brutally affected by corruption reasons, then please send them to us so that we can fix it here with our expert team. PDF Recovery tool provides a great range of features to analyze and repair PDF files without any kind of efforts put in. This utility supports the file repairing process of any format of content included in the document i.e., image, text, etc.

  • Fixes lost pages, images, and tables;
  • Preserves original PDF formatting
  • Repairs interactive objects, including links and notes.

Features of PDF Recovery:

PDF Recovery tool is useful in the active and intelligent execution of bringing back PDF files from corrupt state.

  • Repair corrupt PDF file information and make a new PDF document
  • During recovery process no changes to the property of PDF details are made
  • Recover and Extract every Text and Image content from PDF files
  • Compatible with all formats and versions of PDF document

Adobe Acrobat 11.0 or below needs to be installed to recover PDF file



Conclusion: In the entire online and desktop based solution market, there is no such method available that can manually resolve a corrupted PDF file. Here, I have suggested you with a perfect solution that efficiently helps overcome the confronted issues and easily repairs the PDF file.