Cannot Read PDF File on Web Browser – Resolve the Problem

Steven Hodgin | August 9th, 2017 | Errors

Nowadays, web browsers provide built-in PDF viewers that enable the user to open adobe PDF document directly. These browsers are used in place of any specific tool to access PDF files. Web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, etc. have their own settings to open files. However, sometimes users find that they cannot read PDF file on web browsers. There are various symptoms that users encounter while accessing PDF files. It includes the error messages like “The Adobe Reader/Acrobat that is running cannot be used to read PDF files in a browser. Adobe Reader/Acrobat version 8 or 9 is required. Please exit and try again”. Other common indications are red X icon and the blank page in the web browser. Moreover, broken link indicators like the red square, blue circle, and a blue triangle get displayed. There are several reasons behind the issue and therefore they want to know the resolution of this error. Considering this, in this article, we will cover all possible root causes along with the solution.

Reasons Due to Which User Cannot Read PDF File on Web Browser

When users try to open portable document file on Web Browser, they find these PDF files are inaccessible. These are some major factors responsible for the problem:

  • No Updated Version of Reader or Acrobat
  • Browser is not Configured to open Adobe PDF Document
  • PDF files get corrupted

Let us now move to the manual tricks to access PDF documents.

Manual Strategies to Access PDF files on Web Browser

If user cannot read pdf file on web browser then follow these three manual approaches to fix the issue:

Solution#1 Update the Version of Reader or Acrobat

One possible reason due to which users are not able to access PDF files is that Acrobat or Reader is not upgraded. So, in order to update Reader or Adobe Acrobat users have to follow some useful steps-

  • Firstly, Open Acrobat or Reader
  • Then, select Help
  • After this click on “Check for Updates Now”
  • Then upgrader Dialogue box appears
  • You need to clickDownload
  • After downloading is completed click on Acrobat install icon
  • Now in the Acrobat Updater Window click on Install
  • After this, Restart your Computer and Open the PDF file.

By using these steps user can easily update Acrobat or Reader and read PDF files.

Solution#2 Configuring Web Browser to Open Adobe PDF File in Reader

Users have to configure Web Browser to use Adobe Reader/Acrobat as the helper application to open adobe PDF files. This can be done by using simple steps-

  • Firstly, open Acrobat Reader
  • Then, choose Edit
  • Click on Preferences
  • Then you have to click on the link named as the Internet
  • After this user have to Uncheck the option Display PDF in Browser
  • Then click OK
  • After that close Acrobat Reader
  • Then Return to your browser and delete Temporary Internet files
  • Now you need to refresh the Page
  • And Open Portable document file.

With the help of these steps, the user can easily access PDF files.

Solution#3 Solve PDF File Corruption Problem

There is a possibility that when users try to open the portable document file then PDF file attachment will not open. The reason behind the problem is corruption in PDF. Therefore, to solve the problem users have to clear browser’s cache and download the file again. This manual approach does not resolve the problem and users still face the issue while opening PDF. So, to fix the issue user can try our tool PDF Fixer. This software easily repairs corrupt or damaged PDF document. Moreover, it also maintains file structure with no file formatting.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed various reasons due to which user cannot read PDF file on web browser. Moreover, resolution of this issue is not as easy as it seems to be. Considering this, we have learned some manual tricks to fix it. However, sometimes these solutions will not work, so the user can opt for our tool.