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Best Methods Explained to Insert Digital Signature in PDF Documents?

insert digital signature in pdf file
Steven Hodgin ~ Modified: October 17th, 2022 ~ PDF ~ 5 Minutes Reading

The portable document file format is highly used for sharing documents. Many business persons use these file formats as they provide high security. All information, images, text, etc everything remains secure. In order to protect PDFs from any modifications, a user can insert a password to a PDF file. Moreover, a user can also insert electronic signature in PDF which is highly secure as compared to a traditional handwritten signature. But digitally signing a PDF with a certifying signature protects the content and also shows who signed or approved the document. PDF signatures could be visible or invisible. In this article, we will see what are the various needs to add a digital signature and also find a reliable solution to insert digital signature in PDF file.

What are the Various Needs to Place Digital Signature on PDF File?

There are various needs to insert electronic signature in PDF. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Adding a digital signature field ensures the integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity of the PDF file.
  • An electronic signature is intended to resolve the issue of data tampering and impersonation in digital communications
  • The digitally signed document is protected from any modifications.
  • Provides high-level security which eliminates the chances of data stealing.

There are some user queries discussed below which describe the need to add a digital signature to a PDF. Some of them are given below-

“I have created PDF document containing some confidential data. So, I want to add signature to pdf Adobe digitally. Please suggest me some method or any utility that can help me to succesfully add a digital sign to it?”

” I am working as a forensics manager in one of the reputed organization I need to secure of the official PDF documents by adding digital signature field to PDF file. Is there any software which could help me”?

Manual Approach to Insert Digital Signature in PDF

The user can add a digital signature in PDF document in Adobe Reader. By using some simple steps which are given below-

  • Open the PDF file on the Adobe Acrobat Reader Application, then click the “Fill & Sign” button on the right pane.
  • Now press the “Sign” button on the toolbar and select “Add Signature” to insert a signature.
  • There are ways to create/add a sign-in PDF. By default, the application, the “Type” option is pre-selected. Other than that, users can use the option like Draw, insert an image and  add your written sign
  • Using your mouse Position the signature as per your requirement and click to apply it. Saving your signature will make it easier for you to access it in the “Sign” menu.
  • For saving a signed PDF file, go to  File > Save and set a location for the file.

Apart from this users can use the Online Adobe PDF signing tools which can help to sign PDF files. However, some of the available tools might have some limitation which restricts users from signing PDF files.

Limitations of Manual Solution

By using the manual solution we can add signature to PDF adobe digitally. But with this solution, uthe ser would not be able to add a digital signature in PDF in batch. The second drawback of the manual approach is time consumption. A user has to invest a lot of time to insert a digital signature in multiple PDF files. Plus this solution may alter the contents of PDF documents by making changes to the size of the PDF file.

The next limitation is while adding a digital signature in PDF, file formatting may change. Due to this, the method fails and there is a need for some alternative solution which could easily place digital signatures in multiple PDF files.

Insert Digital Signature in PDF File With the Help of a Software

We have seen various drawbacks of the manual solution. So, to overcome those limitations, there is a need for an alternative solution to insert electronic signature in PDF file. For inserting a sign to PDF file, PDF Watermark Software will be the suitable choice. The tool is capable enough to create and add sign to multiple PDF documents even it can also help to insert sign in a restricted PDF which became secure and no formatting is done.

If your PDF is secured or have user level restrictions then you can refer to this: How to Unlock Locked PDF File in Windows OS 

For better understanding, we have explained the Working Of the Tool using some easy Steps.

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  • Download and launch the Application of the local machine.

insert digital signature in pdf

  • Add the PDF files for inserting a digital signature.

adding PDF files

  • Choose the Option to Save or Print and Set the destination to Save the signed PDFs.

option to save or print

In the details tab, choose the settings, enter details and do the positioning of the signature.

adding sign to pdf file

  • Finally, preview the PDF with the signature and hit on the Generate button to add a digital signature in PDF.

insert digital signature in PDF

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In order to insert digital signature in PDF documents, we have seen manual solutions i.e with the help of Adobe Reader. But, this solution has some drawbacks. So, we should follow some alternative approaches. Moreover, if a user wants to create a watermark on PDF in the batch they can use the finest software which can easily apply the signature or watermark in multiple PDF files.