How to Unlock Locked PDF File in Windows OS

Steven Hodgin | February 18th, 2020 | PDF

User’s Query:

“I have to edit some PDF files but, whenever I’m opening these files, some of them are locked with securities which restrict me to edit. I don’t know how to unlock locked PDF files that are secured with passwords. Can anyone suggest me a perfect tool to remove securities from PDF files easily.”

PDF is the most secured widely used portable document format. These files are used for various purposes due to their secure facilities. A locked PDF can contain two types of passwords to lock it from the unauthorized access. A PDF protected with user-level restriction requires a password to open the document for viewing. Whereas a PDF locked with owner level restriction requires a password for editing/printing/copying/etc.

However, sometimes we need to remove securities from the PDF file.

But, Why Do We Need to Unlock Locked PDF File?

Keeping a PDF file secure with passwords is a good act. As it prevents our crucial data from scam or modify by an unauthorized accessing. But in some cases, it distressing to lock a PDF file with a password. Such as:

Case 1: There come times when users need to enter a password repeatedly and later it becomes an awful activity, while opening a PDF file for viewing. At that time, users requires to unlock user locked PDF file.

Case 2: If you are forgotten permission password, then the file will restrict you to edit/copy/ print/ etc., types of actions in PDF file. In such situation, you have to remove a password locked PDF to perform such these actions.

Now the question crops up, how a PDF user can know if a PDF file is locked and with which type of password security?

A PDF user can check a PDF file’s security by using the steps given below;
Step 1: Open PDF file in Adobe Reader Pro DC
Step 2: Click on File >> Properties
Step 3: From the Document Properties section, click on Security Tab
Step 4: Click on Show Details to check securities

Now let’s know the process of eliminating a PDF file from securities using an easy method.

How Do You Unlock a Locked PDF File – An Automated Solution

PDF Unlocker Software is an automated solution to extract securities from a PDF files. This can easily eliminate user-level password but you have to enter the right password to view the PDF file. With the help of this tool you can easily remove security from PDF on Mac machine. This tool doesn’t ask to enter the password to carry out the task such as removing permission restrictions from PDF files. So using this software, you can unlock locked PDF without password. This has a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.


Highlighted Features

• Unlock both owner and user-level password
• Ability to remove PDF restrictions such as printing/copying/editing/signing
• Unsecured a PDF File in bulk with business or enterprise license
• Extract comment restrictions from PDF
• Facility to delete document assembly restriction from PDF Files
• Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is not required to remove PDF restrictions
• Maintains PDF files integrity

With the help of this software, you can unsecured both user-level and owner level restrictions to convert a locked PDF to deleted one.

How to Convert Locked PDF to Unlock from User-Level Security?

Follow the below steps to remove document level password from a PDF file

Step 1: Click on Unlock >> Browse to provide the source PDF path
Step 2: Select the PDF file and click on Open
Step 3: Preview the Permission Status of the current PDF file
Step 4: Next, click on Browse to select a destination location
Note: If the destination location doesn’t exist, then choose the Make New Folder box alternatively.
Step 5: Click on Unlock PDF to eliminate unknown password from PDF
Note: After this step, if the file is encrypted with a password a pop up window will be displayed to Enter the password.

How to Convert Locked PDF to Unlock from Owner-Level Security?

Follow the below steps to remove permission password from a PDF file
Step 1: Click on the Unlock button
Step 2: Then, click on Browse to select the PDF file
Step 3: Now click on the Open button to delete password protection from PDF file
Step 4: Generate a preview about the Permission Status of current loaded PDF
Step 5: Click Browse to select a destination location
Step 6: Next, click Unlock PDF to remove securities from PDF

Summing Up

There are many programs available on the web that can delete securities from PDF. But, some can extract only one type of protection and not the other one. For this, use the above explained tool that can remove both types of security easily. To know the process of how to unlock locked PDF from both types of security, follow the steps given here and eliminate the PDF. By using this method, you can also unsecured multiple PDF files without losing its integrity.