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Instant Solution to Put Watermark On PDF Document

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Adobe PDF Reader is widely used in the industry standard for exchanging informative reports. The tool maintains the PDF hierarchy and file resolution while printing. To make the PDF identical by adding a watermark to it. Insert watermark in PDF which also makes them recognisable for the particular industry. They prevent copying his/her work document from the other employee who may illegally make your work their own. Then put watermark on PDF document, to make an identification of your own works.

The Process to Add Watermark to PDF Documents

If a user has Adobe Acrobat Po software, then it will be an easy task to perform. The only thing which is required is the steps to add a watermark to PDF files Follow the list of steps with the help of Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

Insertion of Watermark to PDF files via Adobe Acrobat Pro:

  1. Run the Adobe Application and  Click on Tools -> hit on Edit PDF option> press the Watermark option> Click on Add option.
  2. Option available to either put watermark on PDF document on specific pages and click on the Page range option. Then specify a page range and choose the subset option as required.
  3. Setting the watermark:
    • For Watermark Remaking, select the watermark options that had been saved in an earlier session. Select the saved settings from the menu
    • For text watermark creation, choose Text, and enter in the text box. Adjust the format of the text by providing an option as required.
    • Suppose you want to use the image as a watermark. Then select File, click on the Browse option and select the image.
    • If you want the image on any specific page, then select the particular page number that you want to add.         

                       (Note: Only PDF, JPEG, and BMP images can be used as watermarks.)

      4. To adjust the size of the image watermark, do one of the following:

      5. To resize the watermark related to the original file size of an image, enter a percentage in the Absolute Scale option (in the Source area of the dialogue box).

      6. It can be adjusted in the relation to the PDF page dimension via setting the percentage scale relative to the target page.

      7. Adjust the appearance and position of the watermark, as per required.

      8. To apply the same settings to additional PDFs, click Apply option To Multiple Files. Click Add Files, choose Add Files / Open Files, and select the files. In the Output Options dialogue box, specify your folder and the file name preferences and click OK.

Problem – To Put Watermark on PDF document

But there are some problems for inserting watermark in PDF. Some problems are:

  1. Watermark Transparency in the content
  2. To add batch PDF watermarks
  3. Watermark Position Setting and Fort Size issue
  4. Unable to create PDF watermark due to the restriction on PDF documents

What If – You Don’t Have the Adobe Professional Version?

The majority of the users will have the free version, in that case, users will not be able to insert watermark in PDF.
In the free version, users can only Print, open, share, find, annotate, and sign PDFs. Also, purchasing the Pro version (Highly Priced) for adding watermark to PDF will not be an ideal solution.

Instantly Put Watermark on PDF Document Using the Automated Method

In order to perform the operation smoothly and quickly, the ideal and most economical solution will be by using the PDF Watermark Tool, which is an effective solution for adding the watermark to a PDF file. With help of the batch watermark adding feature, users can quickly add watermark to PDF without any error interruption. Moreover, the utility is capable to add watermark to Adobe PDF files which is restricted by a password.

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Guided instruction on using the Utility to insert watermark in PDF in mentioned below:

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1: Starting with Downloading and Installing the utility, then loading the PDF files.

put watermarks on pdf documents

2: Next, the users will need to Add PDF files, for that use the buttons Add Files/ Folders.

inserting PDF files

3: Enter the password for the locked PDF to add watermark to Adobe PDF or else continue with the process.

typing the pdf secured files password

4: Then, in the Destination Path Section, choose to Save or Print and set the PDF files saving location.

set the destination for PDF files

5: In the Details tab, select the type of watermark you want to add Text, image or Date time. According to the type, apply the settings. Preview and hit on the Generate button to add watermark to PDF.

put watermarks on pdf documents

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The problem related to the put watermark on PDF document, the position setting and fort size issue happens when the adobe acrobat does not function properly and the issue is related to the update of the PDF file status. If the user faced this problem. The user can prefer professional software i.e. PDF Watermark Tool. Which is capable to insert watermark in multiple PDF files as well. The user can remove the restrictions and insert watermark in PDF. This is a time-consuming process. So, our tool will easily add watermark to PDF even if the PDF is restricted or not.