How to Unsecure a PDF File on Mac – An Easy Way to Remove Securities

Steven Hodgin | February 21st, 2020 | PDF

My boss has given me a secured document file to verify. So after verifying, I have to print it for submitting. But, whenever I’m clicking on the Print option, the option is grayed out. This is happening because the PDF file is restricted from printing. So to enable the print button, I have to unprotect the document. Also, I am using Mac OS X. Can anyone help me to suggest a fast and easy tool for how to unsecure a PDF file on Mac?”

PDF file is the most secure file format to store and exchange information. Due to its immense level of security, it prevents your document from unauthorized access and data loss. PDF security can secure a file from being opened, as well as apply some specific restrictions to prevent data from modifying and printing. But sometimes these securities create trouble for you. Just like when you forget the password of PDF files or receive a document with a password you do not know, that prevents you to open, read, edit, etc. In those situations, many users search for a quick way to unsecure a secured PDF file.

If you are searching for a solution to remove securities from a PDF file, then no need to worry! We are here with various solutions to delete restrictions from a PDF file.

How to Unsecure a PDF file on Mac OS X – Top Methods

There are various methods available to change permission securities. But, it depends upon you to choose a relevant way, as per your needs. So, to know how the methods are working, follow the guidelines given below.

#Method 1: Using A Professional Solution

As per above-mentioned statement that there are various ways available to unlock a PDF file, but there is no guarantee about the methods, that are working properly on Mac OS or not. For this, it is good to choose the professional solution only.

Tips: The software given here is completely secure and safe to fix how to unsecure a PDF file without password in Mac OS issue. Also, it will not create conflicts with any other application on your system.

Mac PDF Unlocker Tool is the best way to unlock a secured PDF file without any drawbacks at a low cost. It will help you to remove both owner and user-level securities from the PDF file. With the help this relevant product you can easily crack PDF file restrictions without damaging content like print/edit/share/sign/copy/etc. It doesn’t require password to delete permission restrictions. Apart from all this, you can run this software on Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions operating systems.

Let’s see how the tool works?

Steps to Resolve Can You Unsecure a Secured PDF File on Mac

To remove the securities, you have to download and run the tool on your Mac OS X OS. After installing, follow the below ways to unprotect a PDF file.

Step 1: Click on Add File(s) or Add Folder(s)

Note: This tool can unlock a locked PDF file in batch mode. So you can add and unprotect multiple files at once.

Step 2: Enter the password if the file is secured with password

Step 3: Choose the destination location to store the PDF file

Step 5: Now, click on the Unlock button to unsecure a PDF file on Mac

Step 5: After this, click on View Report to view the output file along with the Export Report

Method #2: Using Mac Preview

By using Preview, which is a built-in PDF viewer for Mac OS to view the PDF documents, you can remove the securities from PDF files. But this tool fails to perform when the situation demands to delete securities from multiple PDF files.

Steps to Resolve Is There a Way to Unsecure a PDF file on Mac Issue

Step 1: Open secured PDF in Mac Preview

Step 2: Now it will prompt to enter the password, as it is secured

Note: To open the PDF file, provide the right password.

Step 3: Once the file is opened, click on File >> Save option

Step 4: Here, in save as tab choose Password-Free.

Note: Make sure to uncheck the Encryption Box, otherwise it will not remove password restrictions from the PDF file. Also, here you can change the location for this PDF file.

Step 5: Click on Save to PDF file.

Concluding Lines

Entering a password each time to open the PDF file becomes an annoying activity. For this users need to delete securities. Thus, to help you we have covered different methods for how to unsecure a PDF file on Mac OS. So, to get rid of those types of issues, follow the above explained guaranteed solution to remove securities. Although, if you have to eliminate restrictions from multiple files, then it will be beneficial to choose the above explained professional tool.