How to Print Outlook Emails to PDF File Format Quickly?

Steven Hodgin | July 17th, 2017 | Tips

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most demandable email clients. It emerged as first choice for every user to manage data in it. It offers two file formats i.e OST and PST format. Portable Storage Table (.pst) stores the complete data items of outlook in it. These data items include email messages, contacts, images, notes, attachments, etc. Most of the people want to convert Outlook emails to PDF files so that their data remain secured. They can also print Outlook Emails to PDF so that it can be easily carried around without any platform dependency. In this blog article, we will discuss what the need to convert Outlook email to PDF adobe acrobat and various solutions which help in the conversion of Outlook email to PDF file format.

What is the Need to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF with Attachments

There are various reasons due to which people want to convert Outlook emails to PDF files. Some of the scenarios are discussed below which helps in understanding why there is need to convert Outlook email to PDF Adobe-

I am working in one of the Multinational Company I want some of my Outlook emails to be converted into PDF file format. So that I could print them and easily carry around. Please suggest me some utility”.

I urgently need to send Outlook emails to one of my friend who is using a different operating system. Hence I need a software which converts outlook emails to pdf Adobe so that it can easily accessible in his system.

Manual Solution to Print Outlook Emails to PDF

The manual method is also offered to convert Outlook Emails to PDF files. By using some useful steps you can convert Outlook Emails to PDF file format.

  • First, open the MS Outlook in your system.
  • Go to File Menu
  • From the menu bar and choose Save As.
  • A new window pop up opens, where a user needs to save the File Type as the option.
  • Then choose HTML format.
  • Browse and choose the location to save the HTML file.
  • Then, click onSave.
  • Now, open the saved HTML file by following these options select HTML file then Right Click.
  • Go to Open with MS Word.
  • Now open MS Word, choose File
  • Click Save As
  • Now Select File Type as PDF file.
  • Now open your resultant PDF file.
  • Note: Manual approach is not a reliable solution for users. Sometimes it may lead to the corruption of PST files. So, please take a backup of PST files before performing the manual method. Another problem with the manual method is user would not be able to convert multiple Outlook emails in PDF format.

    Troubleshoot method to Print Outlook Emails to PDF Document

    By using manual approach users are finding various problems which could be overcome by the Third party tool. It is a multi-featured software which offers several options to a user which makes all the task so simpler. There is no PST file corruption and batch convert Outlook emails to PDF files is also done with this software. After conversion of personal storage table into PDF, user can take print out also.


    In this informative article, we have seen both the solutions i.e manual approach and third party tool. But a manual method is having some drawbacks which are overcome by our Tool. As this tool perform conversion of multiple Outlook emails to PDF Acrobat. Also, we have understood why there is a need to Print Outlook emails to PDF.