How to Convert Email to PDF Document Efficiently

Steven Hodgin | July 25th, 2017 | PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is used to transfer data from one place to another. Also, this file format is widely accepted and compatible for use on a computer, handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. PDF file encapsulates all the images, text, forms, graphics etc. This file format is mainly used for security purpose. The user can add a password in their PDF document to make them secure. PDF files can be handled easily as they contain all information in a single document. So, most of the times users demand to convert email to PDF file including email attachments and meta information. Converting email to PDF file format helps to keeps track of a lot of information. And also, preserves documents for future use, mainly important attachments. So, in this blog article, we will demonstrate various benefits to export an email to PDF. Also, discuss a reliable solution for the conversion.

Benefits to Export an Email to PDF File Format

There are multiple benefits to change email to PDF file some of them are mentioned below-

  • PDF is widely accepted by all companies, organizations, trusts, and also court to present the legal evidence.
  • The portable document file format performs independently. The user can access the PDF file on a system without any worries about the hardware specifications of the computer.
  • PDF files can be easily printed out from any printer. So, converting email to PDF file is useful for those who want to print some selected emails to PDF documents.
  • Smart phones and mobile devices are highly used by current generations. So after converting email to PDF format, files can be viewed through any mobile device.
  • PDF files combining multiple Images format such as JPG, vector graphics, hyperlinks, etc.
  • The most important feature of PDF file is adding security. The user can add a password in PDF document. So that only authorized user could access it.

Expert Solution to Convert Email to PDF Document

After reading this informative article, we have understood the importance of PDF files. And why there is need to change the email to PDF file. So, in order to export email as PDF user can use Mailpro+. This software converts email from data file (.pst, .ost, .mbox, .edb, .olm and .nsf) to PDF file format. Furthermore, with the help of this software, a user can export filtered email to PDF file. Which ultimately saves the user time.


Emails are commonly used as a form of business communication and it is a highly effective communication tool. Email is inexpensive, requires the only Internet connection that is generally present in the business. But, converting these emails to PDF file format makes them more secure and reliable. Here, in this informative article, we have discussed why there is need to convert email to PDF and the benefits of exporting email to PDF file format. Also, with the help of Mailpro+ software user can convert PST, NSF, MBOX, OLM, OST and EDB file to PDF.